Sonshine Christian School

Sonshine Christian School consists of a daycare, pre-school and elementary school and is a ministry of Faith Baptist Church. Sonshine Christian Daycare and Preschool is licensed with Washington state’s Department of Early Learning and Sonshine Christian Elementary school is an approved private school in the state of Washington and is nationally accredited by AdvancEd. Sonshine Christian School’s mission is to work together with families, preparing children spiritually and intellectually, to impact their  world for Christ.


“Preparing Today’s Children for Tomorrow’s World!”

Sonshine Distinctives

  • Sonshine daycare/preschool and school provides a safe place for children to grow spiritually, intellectually, physically, emotionally, and socially
  • Sonshine understands the importance of nurturing, caring for, and teaching the whole child
  • Sonshine believes that parents have the primary responsibility for the raising and education of their children, which means we are dedicated to working with parents to provide high quality child care and Christian education and will communicate with parents frequently about their child’s progress or any concerns we may have.
  • Sonshine works with each individual child to help them grow in areas where they struggle and excel in areas where they are gifted
  • Sonshine’s staff model’s Christ’s love to their students
  • Sonshine’s staff integrates the Word of God into every activity and learning opportunity
  • Sonshine believes that excellence is important to God; therefore, everything we produce, teach, and seek to accomplish will be done in an excellent way