Daycare/Preschool Curriculum

Here at Sonshine Christian Daycare, we believe that Early Childhood Education is the foundation of all learning.  We have thoughtfully designed our curriculum to provide the opportunities for children of all ages to learn through discovery and play, form and maintain relationships, and express and regulate emotions, which we see as the cornerstones of school readiness. Daily experiences provide learning across all the developmental areas and provide a comprehensive approach to building cognitive, social, physical, language, emotional and spiritual skills. Our center uses a unified-theme approach that is customized for the developmental needs of each age group and provides a variety of experiences to nurture the whole child.


We offer an interactive and Christian based curriculum that aligns with the Washington State Early Learning and Developmental Guidelines.  We are currently participants in the Washington State Early Achievers Program.  We believe that through building positive relationships with our students and their families it allows children to feel secure, confident, and  become communicative individuals; allowing our students to feel safe and be excited to learn.  Through exploration and play our students express a zest for life, all while making friends and learning new things.  Our curriculum incorporates hands on interactions, that encourages our students to observe, listen, touch, taste, and smell.


Each age group focuses on similar themes every month that build upon each other throughout the year.  Our goal is to prepare your child to be school ready with high quality teacher/ child interactions and a rich and interactive learning environment.


Our teachers are all trained and certified in Early Childhood education.  We believe that qualified teachers who have the opportunity to grow, are able to provide the highest quality of care and education to our students.  When our teachers develop our curriculum, they do so with your child in mind.  It is extremely important to us to meet the needs of each child individually.  We are able to do this by creating a number of engaging activities and arranging our environments in a way that not only inspire, but encourage our students to explore.    Our teachers focus on building relationships with their students through positive interactions.  The relationships that we create with both our students and their families is what makes Sonshine a unique atmosphere for your child.  We combine a structured environment with a loving and nurturing approach to quality child care.

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