Daycare/Preschool Staff

Brooke Warner


Ms. Brooke is the Director here at Sonshine. She has been working in early childhood education for over four years and has over 100 hours of Early Childhood developmental training. Ms. Brooke graduated from Warner Pacific College with a bachelor’s degree in Human Development with an emphasis on counseling theory. She also has her Child Development Associate (CDA) certificate. Being an Early Educator has been such a blessing in Ms. Brooke’s life. She loves the kids and the families that she gets to work with everyday. She believes that early education is the foundation to all aspects of developmental growth, and working in a Christian School allows her to share her passion, while proving a ministry to the families and students in our community.


Pre-K Lead Teacher

Teacher David is one of our amazing Pre-K Teachers. Teacher David has a long history of working with children of all ages. He started working in Pre-K childcare in 2000, as a teacher for Faith Baptist’s Cubbies group. From 2004-2008 he worked as an afternoon monitor and music teacher at Sonshine Christian Daycare. After several years working as a watchmaker in the retail world, he made the decision to return to where his heart is, in early education. Teacher David is a certified lead teacher from the Department of Early Learning, has several additional hours in trainings and certifications, as well as early learning education from Clark College. Currently he is involved with Opera Quest North West, whose mission is to spread the joy and art of operatic music with elementary children in the Vancouver area. He is also a chorus member in the Portland Opera. When Teacher David isn’t working he can be found with his wife Kadie and their triplet girls. doing various activities around the Portland metropolitan area. They enjoy taking their dog Pepper to the dog park, hiking, and going to the movies.


Office Assistant and Toddler Teacher

Miss Amanda is one of our amazing Toddler Teachers. Miss Amanda comes from a big family with 18 aunts and uncles, and 24 cousins. She has one older sister, and 2 nephews. She is currently attending Clark College for medical imagery. She also has several hours of Early Education trainings and certifications. Miss Amanda has been surrounded by children her entire life. She has worked in an in-home daycare for two years, as well as working as a Nanny throughout the years. Miss Amanda loves working with children. Being able to experience their innocent nature. She loves being able to get to know all the little ones and their families.


Lead Preschool Teacher

Ruth Thomas

Program Supervisor/ Pre-K Lead Teacher

Ms. Ruth is one of our wonderful Pre-K Teachers, as well as our Program Supervisor. Ms. Ruth has been working in education for many years. She has been a pre-k teacher here at Sonshine for over 11 years. Her son Jim, (also a teacher here) started coming here with her when he was 2 1/2 years old. Ms.Ruth has her Bachelors Degree in Early and Elementary Education. Ms.Ruth cannot imagine anything else she would rather do than teach. Working at Sonshine gives her the opportunity to show the love of Christ to so many children. It is Ms. Ruth’s prayer that every child at Sonshine will make the choice to live for Jesus.


Pre-K Classroom Assistant

Ms. Carley is one of our wonderful Pre-K Teachers. Ms. Carley has been working with children for 20+ years!!! She has been here at Sonshine for 13 years after retiring from the phone company. Ms. Carley has been married to her husband Frank for 43 years and they have 4 children. She also has 11 grandchildren, and one on the way! Ms. Carley loves being a part of the kid’s journey. Students grow so much from the time they enter her class to the time they graduate. She knows that God uses us to help children know they are all special and loved. This gives them a strong foundation and that makes Ms. Carley’s heart smile.


Infant Lead

Miss Megan is one of our amazing Infant Teachers. Megan has been working in Early Childhood and Education for a number of years. She is a certified lead teacher from the Department of Early Learning. She also has over 50 additional hours in certifications and training in early education specializing in age birth to 30 months. In addition Miss Megan has worked for over 10 years in the Nursery at Faith Baptist Church. Teacher Megan loves being able to guide her students to learn and explore. She loves creating new activities for the infants to experience. She incorporates music, literature, art and sensory in a calming and nurturing environment that our babies thrive in. She knows that a great amount of learning can be achieved through exploratory play, and loves to be able to see the infants grow and learn while having so much fun.


Afternoon Preschool Teacher

Teacher Jim is one of our fantastic afternoon preschool teachers. Teacher Jim is an only child, and began attending Sonshine as a student when he was 2 1/2 years old. He graduated from Skyview High school and has been working in Early Childhood and Education ever since. He is a certified lead teacher from the Department of Early Learning, and has several additional hours in trainings and certifications. Teacher Jim loves being a positive role model for his students, as well as being able to watch them learn and grow all year long.


Afternoon Preschool Teacher

Miss Tina is one of our amazing afternoon preschool teachers. Miss Tina is the youngest of 6 children in her family. She has 7 nieces, 5 nephews, 3 great nephews, and 2 great nieces. Miss Tina is married and has 3 children. Her daughter is 18, her son is 15, and her step-son is 15. Miss Tina loves being able to work with kids. She loves being able to watch them grow and learn new things. She loves their innocence and love that they have to share.

Kathleen Johnson

Librarian and Classroom Aide

Kathleen Johnson is Sonshine Christian School’s librarian and classroom aide. Kathleen has taught children for over 20 years and has prior experience directing a weekly Children’s Church program, teaching elementary music, serving as Sunday School director, and elementary school librarian. Her passion is to create a love of reading in all children. You may e-mail Mrs. Johnson at  

Monica Gilberg

Spanish Teacher and Afternoon Pre-K Teacher

Ms. Monica is our Spanish and one of our afternoon Pre-K teachers. Ms. Monica is a native Spanish speaker. She was born and raised in Monterrey, Mexico. Her parents, who still live in Mexico, have been the best example of a loving relationship with God. Family is very important to Ms. Monica, and she is blessed to have such a good one. Ms. Monica graduated with a degree in technical education as a bilingual administrator assistant. Teaching children gives Ms. Monica the opportunity to pass on her love of the Spanish language with the next generation. She believes in planting a seed of love in each child, that will continue to grow for the rest of their lives.