Parent Teacher League (PTL)

All parents, teachers, and supporters of Sonshine Christian elementary School are invited to participate in the Parent and Teacher League (PTL). “The Parent Teacher League of Sonshine Christian Elementary School will provide support to the Principal and Staff of Sonshine Christian Elementary in working together with families, providing a high quality, individualized, Christian education that prepares children physically, spiritually, emotionally, and intellectually, to impact their world for Christ.”

The Executive Board for the 2019-2020 PTL:

President – Melanie Byma

Vice President – Nichole Stern

Secretary – Position Open

Treasurer – Position Open

Please contact Rosemary at the school if you are interested in getting more information on the PTL and what is currently happening.  You can also check the bulletin board in the lobby for upcoming events.  Meetings will be posted on the school calendar as well for easy reference.


The PTL can also be reached directly at:

Most recent meeting notes – January 2020


Reason’s to Join and to Volunteer:

  • Creates community between staff, teachers and other parents
  • Children/students get to see and realize that their education is important to you
  • Helps build and strengthen the bond with your child/student
  • Children/students love to share about their parent/guardian’s participation
  • Helps you stay informed and connected
  • Allows you lead by example


Why do you schedule your meetings earlier rather than later?

We do this so we can take advantage of the free child care at the school so people can attend and not worry about where their kids are.


Are the only times you meet or have activities during the school day?

No not at all.  We have late afternoon meetings and activities throughout the year including Saturday’s.


Can only parents attend meetings?

All parents and guardians are welcome to attend.  We enjoy the perspective of a variety of individuals and appreciate all input and feedback provided.


Remember that individually we each make ripples of change in life, but together we can make waves. – M.B.

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