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“Train up a child in the way that they should go.” Proverbs 22:6

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Early Release for Elementary School at 12 PM on Friday, March 12 due to  End of Trimester 

No Elementary School March 18 and 19 due to Student Led Conferences

Coronavirus and Opening School Fall 2020

Sonshine Christian Elementary School will be offering two options for schooling during the start of the 20-21 school year. Option one is full time in person learning and option two is remote learning. Full time in person learning will allow students to learn in a classroom setting with additional safety measures in place. These students will be able to choose to move to  remote learning as needed. Remote learning will allow students to participate remotely in all class lessons as well as complete school work via Google classroom and tangible paper products and tools. Students learning remotely will be able to move to full time in person learning when they choose to do so. All Sonshine students will be provided with their own Chromebook, access to special’s classes, and the ability to complete MAP assessments at school or remotely at home.

Christian Daycare, Preschool & Elementary School Vancouver WA

Sonshine Christian Elementary School’s mission is to work together with families, providing a high quality, individualized, Christian education that prepares children physically, spiritually, emotionally, and intellectually, to impact their world for Christ.

Located in Vancouver, Washington, We provide “hands-on” learning experiences in our preschool, full day kindergarten and school. Your child will grow spiritually by the integration of God in subject areas, prayer, and chapel.

Our facilities provide growth and maturity physically by providing gym time, playground time and P.E. classes for elementary students…your child will grow emotionally in their relationships to peers and teachers. With small class sizes and an emphasis on technology and arts, students at Sonshine Christian School are provided with an individualized instruction that prepares them to impact their world!

We feel Sonshine Christian Daycare/Preschool and Elementary School is a great place to provide a well-rounded childcare and educational experience centered upon God’s love.

Sonshine does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, national origin, or disabilities.

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